Baby Blues

Our littler boy  is still suffering from the effects of acid reflux. We're about to switch to a third medication that might reduce his stomach's acid production, and starting the process of consulting with a pediatric gastroenterologist. In short, the last week has been fairly miserable. He still sleeps well for a good hunk of the night, but his days are mostly unhappy, and his daytime napping poor. We're not quite at wit's end, but the family's nerves are frayed.

Fortunately, some good advice in the last couple of days about Mylanta and changing the current drug's dose seemed to help this afternoon, when he took a nice long nap, woke briefly to nurse without his usual mid-nursing wail, and then went right back down, probably for the rest of the night.

It's likely that we're on the right track now. Rex turns eight weeks old on Thursday, and we're told that this kind of reflux tends to fade out by three months, maybe four. Our pediatrician has worked with us to eliminate some variables, so it's likely really just acid and not some other, more intractable or difficult problem. If we can find the right combination and crack the code, we can have a happy baby again.

Lynn and I are just so sad for Rex: he's just entered the world, and finds it a sour place. His early smiles are pretty remarkable, and he's definitely trying to be happy. We just need to keep working towards that. It'll pass, but sooner would be better than later.