Latest Book Scam

As a public service, I occasionally publish the email I receive from scammers who are trying to place fraudulent orders from booksellers. I run, which provides book price comparisons, but I don't per se sell books. Thus, I'm a target, but a well-informed one. I post these messages partly because they get indexed by Google, so a bookseller who does a minute of research on a strange order will find this message. I replied to this individual that their scam was well known and they might as well give up. I just try to rattle the cage a bit.

These books, by the way, are sold into Russia, apparently, usually by way of Nigeria. The fact that this email is signed as if it's from a UK bookseller is fascinating. I did a couple minutes of checking, and there's no such bookseller, and only one bookstore in that whole region of Liverpool, apparently.

Here's the email:

Dear Sir / Madam,
                    We will like to place an order for the above Books , How many copies of each of the books have you in stock for now ? Kindly send us a price list and the rate of discount  given for bulk purchases. Also do let us know the Mode of payments accepted .
Author: Netter, Frank H
ISBN: 9781416033851
Edition : 4th Edition   
  2. Davidson's Principles And Practice of Medicine .
Author: Boon Nicholas A.
ISBN: 9780443100574
20th Edition.   
  3. Pathologic Basis of Disease .
Author: Kumar .
ISBN: 9780721601878
7th Edition.         
  Thanks , Looking forward to hear from you soon .
  Kind Regards:
  Paul Chaney .

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