Tap Your Little Finger

This evening Ben asks to see some pictures on the computer of himself and some other things. I say, sure, I'll show you on the little computer (the iPhone). He says, no, the big computer (the laptop). I say fine, and pull it down.

We start looking through photos:

Ben: Tap the picture with your little finger [gestures with his finger at the screen]
Daddy: Let's not touch the screen, Ben.
Ben: Tap the picture!
Daddy: [figuring it out] Ben, do you mean the finger on the little hand that changes from the arrow when I move over a photo?
Ben: Yes.

Ben has figured out the user interface. In Flickr, the arrow cursor is replaced by a "Mickey Mouse" hand (a white glove with four fingers, three curled and one pointing). Ben wanted me to "tap" (a good word) the picture with the gloved hand's "little finger."

Someone in Cupertino is smiling right now.