Good Samaritans, Injuries (Not Mine) on Sunday Morning Bike Ride

I was riding on Lake Washington Blvd today on the last day of Bicycle Saturdays and Sundays (thank you Group Health and Cascade Bicycle Club) when about 5 miles from home, after a car stupidly turned in front of me--into the "don't drive here" area and with bikes loaded on it!--I shifted into my top downhill gear in front but largest gear in the back. My chain isn't long enough for that, and it stuck. Stuck hard.

I turned the bike over and was working on it, when a group of four cyclists passing by called out if I needed help. I said, to my own surprise, yes. They all stopped, and three of the four helped me for about five minutes to unjam the chain! Great guys all, and much appreciated. I continued on down to Seward Park and home.

On the way back, witnessed the aftermath of a single bike crash--woman was bleeding in the head, obviously concussed because she thought she could continue riding. Her friends were helping. One of her friends or a passer-by called 911 and was told the woman would have to agree to accept help before they sent the damn ambulance!! The caller had to argue for several minutes. Finally, they agreed to send the ambulance. An EMT was passing by on a bike, stopped, and began to help with some more expertise. I stopped to direct traffic (on a not very busy street but in an awkward place) around the accident until the ambulance came nearly 10 minutes later.

Tons of cyclists and motorists stopped to offer help, rides, etc. We just had a fatality near my home when a dump truck ran over a biker (dump truck turning right, biker going straight). The biker was hit at the south end of the University of Washington Bridge, at an intersection I no longer bike through on my regular commute because I decided a year or more ago it had too poor visibility and too many stupid drivers and cyclists.

In the accident I saw, the woman was wearing a helmet. Given what her injuries looked like, she would have been dead or in severe trauma had she not been wearing one.