One Muffin Makes You Smaller, One Muffin Makes You Tall

Who knew a muffin could be such a problem?

I bought two muffins yesterday at a newly relocated gluten-free, wheat-free bakery that's near my office. Delicious, although liquid-sucking: You had to drink constantly while eating it to keep your mouth from sealing shut. One of the problems with gluten-free stuff, sometimes.

I ate one of these dark chocolate muffins and brought the other home to Lynn. Unfortunately, they must have use a super-caffeinated chocolate source. The other ingredients were pretty simple, like brown rice syrup and garbanzo flour.

Not only did Lynn and I have trouble getting to sleep, but Rex awoke at about 11 pm after sleeping four hours and was wired like a college student hopped up on Jolt cola. Lynn fed him. Didn't help. Then we realized that feeding him could make it worse if it were the caffeine. We defrosted some frozen milk. He drank all of that, Still wouldn't get back to sleep. Lynn bounced him on a ball for several minutes. I did the same. He finally went down at about 1 am. This has been our only overnight problem for months--and one of the worst nights we've ever had with Rex.

This morning he woke happy and chirpy at 5 am (just 30 to 45 minutes earlier than usual). I got him up, did the reflux drug we have to give him, and handed him off 30 minutes later to Lynn. I went back to bed for two glorious hours; she was up for an hour with him, and has now been back to bed for an hour herself.

I expect the two of them will be fagged-out, as the Brits say, but this is a child-care day for Ben, so I can scoot him off, and perhaps Lynn can grab some naps while Rex sleeps today.

I sent a nice note to the cafe, which tends to serve people with a variety of health issues in the first place, asking them to check on their chocolate. If it had just been Lynn, well, it might have been various things. But for both of us and Rex to be hit--wow!