Pumpkin Huntin'

We went to the South 47 Farm, a neat effort to preserve farmland in the heart of sprawling suburbia, to look at pumpkins and other growing things yesterday morning. They're organic, there's a CSA operated there, and they have some u-pick or u-dig crops. (Flickr photo set)

I dug potatoes.

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Ben looked at gourds.

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He rode a pretend tractor.

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We rode on haybales in a wagon behind a real tractor.

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Both boys slept on the way home.

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Honestly, Rex was there. Lynn was mostly manhandling him, and I corralled Ben. We came home with swiss chard, six small gourds, one medium pumpkin, some potatoes, and a moderate amount of mud. It poured today, so we're glad we hit it yesterday. We'll be returning soon.