Merger of Equals

Ben and Rex will sleep tonight, hopefully not For One Night Only! Only! Only!, in the same room. Ben has been asking us for Rex to move in with him for some time. We're on pins and needles, partly because of the getting-them-down part. We think that once they're both asleep, we'll be ok, since both of them typically sleep all night with an overlap.

Ben was taking a nap a few days so hard that after 3 hours (unheard of at this age), I went in to wake him up and it took several minutes of calling his name, and rubbing his back to get him awake! So perhaps he can sleep through the baby in his room in the morning, too. We'll see.

Wish us luck. Rex is nearly 6 months old. Ben, nearly 3 years, 2 months.

Morning: The boys did it! Lynn had to pop in a couple times after we put Rex down and then Ben down, but Ben passed out immediately, and Rex wasn't very resistant. Rex woke at his usual 5.30 am, but we'd gone to sleep ourselves at 9.30. Ben got up at 7.30...yee, and might I add, ha.