Emerging from Haze: Watching Movies

Lynn and I can tell this parent thing is getting a little easier again, because in our precious time in which we have no conscious children--about 2 to 3 hours in the evening--we are no longer exclusively paying bills, catching up on stuff we couldn't do during the day, or watching bad TV. No, we are in fact watching some movies and DVDs. We let our NetFlix subscription restart, and we are not just receiving films, we are returning them.

We took a look at High School Musical the other day, given that it's a crazy-huge phenomenon, and Lynn and I were both very active in high school theater. I'll have to get her to enumerate her roles, but I was Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, the Marquis de Sade in Marat/Sade, and the sad little man at the heart of Last of the Red Hot Lovers. Among other parts.

Anyhoo, High School Musical was sort of hilariously bad and really enjoyable. The music was fine and mostly generic, but there were some great numbers, including a song about cliques that was great. A supporting actor playing a basketball player who liked to bake stole scenes. A choreographed basketball dance number was so amazing, I had to think, why had no one ever done that before? The leads were generic. At one point, I said, "Lynn, put those people in a paper bag." Her reply, "No! They'd never be able to act their way out of it." Have I said how much I love that woman?

We caught up on some French & Saunders, the middling series by two fabulous British actors. It was a sort of a special, we think, so didn't have all the charm of the run of the show.

And we watched Blades of Glory, which was insanely overproduced for what was basically a silly farce. But it was very beautiful to watch, and all the actors skated, although there were plenty of rigs and harnesses and such, too. But there was a lot of skating. Actually rather funny.