Fever Dreams

Cold appears to have hit its apex this morning, ebbing through the day, so that I actually felt better in the evening. A couple of doses of cold medicine, spaced the appropriate distance apart are taking me closer to the arms of Morpheus here shortly.

Glenn: Up you go, Birdman.

Ben: What's a birdman?

Glenn: You. You're a junior birdman.

Ben: I'm Benjamin.

Glenn: You're Benjamin Birdman. No, I'm sorry, you're Benjamin Fleish-MAN [pronouncing it MAN]

Ben: That's Fleishman [pronouncing it correctly, as "min"]

Glenn: Oh, good, you're correcting how I say my own name. [laughing]

It's neat to see him internalize pronunciation.

Ben also has an eye for typography. He is obsessed, and I mean obsessed, about letters right now. A few weeks ago, he burst into tears because "I want to read words!" We explained that that could take a while. So he's reading letters everywhere, and recognizing patterns. He looks at "HarperCollinPublishers" at the bottom of his Goodnight, Moon book, and says, "There are three 'r's in HarperCollinPublishers." Wow.

On the typography front, I realize how tricky it is for a kid to sort out all the different ways in which a given letter can look. Goodnight, Moon's interior typography uses Kabel, a face designed by Rudolf Koch, one of the greatest of the 20th century type designers. The cover uses a different font that I can't identify.

G Cover.TiffG Kabel Left, cover g; right, interior g in Kabel

Ben says when he looks at the Kabel g that "it's a tricky one."

Rex, by the way, has begun separation anxiety, a period in which an infant, who is already strapped to his mother's hip, can't stand to be more than a few feet away or out of view.

This morning, Rex rolled over from his stomach to his back for one of the first times on his own. A big accomplishment! And presaging more to come. Rex hasn't been that compelled to move around, although he's been sitting up quite well on his own for weeks. We're not anxious. He will develop at his own pace, and when he becomes mobile, life becomes more challenging anyway.