We are great believers in swaddling. We brought Ben to it a few weeks after  birth, and it helped a great deal, along with using "rain music" (continuous white noise), and a host of other tricks. Rex got the treatment right away. But we got too good at it--we figured out how to create an unbreakable swaddle! Ben by six months was mostly able to escape his swaddle within minutes. Rex, more straitjacketed, was content to be cocooned.

Which is a problem--because we were waiting for him to want out to release him during naps and nights. He's seven months old today, and we figured it was time. We also needed to get him off the prescription wedge he sleeps on that was built to help him with his terrible acid reflux. It's been clear that he can be comfortable flat on his back now for some time.

Ben went cold turkey in one night with no wedge and no swaddle, but the swaddle was less important to him and he was starting to manipulate himself off the wedge, which was just disturbing even with the crib surrounding him.

Our pediatrician suggested gradually loosening the swaddle for Rex, but that didn't seem to motivate him. So we opted to bite the bullet and after some false starts (colds, teething), we pulled the plug last night. He slept 90 minutes, complained for 15, slept 45, complained for 45, and then slept through until 6 am--the preferred earliest time we'd like him to wake up!

Good baby. Good baby.

He was very pleased with himself this morning, cooing and gurgling happily when I got him up.

This bodes well for the next big transition, which is sleeping in the room with Ben. We need some consistency in his going down and getting up for us to feel comfortable about merging the kids, but that now seems a matter of days and weeks, not months.

Tomorrow morning could find me writing about how Rex wailed all night, of course, but he tends not to do that. His relatively rare overnight wakings last two hours or less, and then he tends to sleep late.