Upset, Upset

Warning: Explicit descriptions of toddler bodily functions follows.

Ben had his first ever bout of vomiting last night. We have friends for whom every cold seems to be accompanied by piles and piles of vomit. He was perfectly fine before bed, and hours later woke up wailing. Lynn went in and found he had thrown up all over his bed. He seemed otherwise fine, so we got him changed, stripped sheets, cleaned up, spent some time with him, took his temperature, back to bed.

A few minutes later, another bout. And then another. We are running out of sheets. "Friends," meaning his stuffed animals, are in short supply due to them being covered in you know what. Meanwhile, Rex has been awake for most of this (about 90 minutes), Lynn has tried nursing him to no real avail, and so, because he seems otherwise healthy, he gets ignored and goes back to sleep for the rest of the night (sleeping on his stomach without real complaint, which was got him mad last night and the night before).

Eventually, we get an inflatable bed set up in Ben's room, and Lynn opts to sleep in there. I go back into our bedroom to monitor Rex. A few minutes later, Ben has another bout, but nothing's coming up. He's in pain during each episode. It's 1 am. Lynn opts for the ER (ED, really) at Children's Hospital, which seems like a good choice given the pain issue. One of our toddler health books seems to suggest that it could be appendicitis (remote chance), but there's no fever. There's just no sense in not getting him evaluated.

I go to sleep with my iPhone under Lynn's pillow set to vibrate, so Lynn can text message me about what's going on. Several times overnight, she messages me or I her, me holding the phone under the covers to keep the light from waking up Rex. They return about 4.50 am. All is well. Probably something viral. Ben hasn't had an episode of feeling like throwing up since about 2 am. Rex wakes at 5.30. The day begins...

Later in the day...Ben seems fine. He woke at around 8 am, fairly happy. Wasn't excited (in fact downright miserable) at being told he couldn't drink milk until tomorrow and had to eat bland food. But Jello makes everyone happy! Lots of JELLO™ Brand Gelatin, as the words of the song go, which I don't think I ever knew until I was singing it to Ben this morning.

Our household does a funny dance most mornings, since Rex still wakes up early. This morning, he was up at 5.30, I kept him occupied for 30 minutes while the acid-reducing drug he has to take twice a day settled in, woke Lynn up (one hour's sleep for her), went back to bed, Lynn brought Rex in for his morning nap at 6.30 (he hadn't slept enough last night), Rex and I slept til 8.30, Lynn and Ben slept til 8, and then Lynn went back to sleep at 9. She slept two hours, the boys and I played. Ben and Rex ate. Good times. Ben down for an early nap (due to no real sleep) at 11.30, Lynn up, Rex down at noon. Both boys sleeping...

We're a bit tired in the house, but not miserable.