Laid Low, Lynn?

Lynn's strength has started to ebb, she has a chill, she feels a bit...unwell. She may be the latest victim in our household to succumb to the dread stomach virus. Rex is still not feeling himself, although he's overall better. Ben is much happier and healthier, and I'm not up to snuff but neither down for the count.

My stomach still doesn't want to hear about pizza, a turkey sandwich, a slice of cucumber, or such. A pancake? Sure. English muffin? You bet. Anything more complicated? No--thank you! It's not that I feel unwell at the thought, it's just I know that my tum-tum wouldn't handle it. I'm working my way up from a certain category of carbs and will eventually resume my normal eating schedule.

Lynn is asleep as of nearly an hour ago, and I'm hoping that she doesn't get the full-blown version of this. She's behind the curve in terms of symptoms she's experiencing matching what we other three got, so she may either have had early immune response that's attacking the virus, or got a mutated or weakened form through exposure to all of us.

She's been just amazing, working full on since Sunday night when I dropped out of the running to keep us all going. I was very excited on Tuesday when I was able to run the dishwasher, take care of Rex singlehandedly again, and handle Ben's trip into and from childcare. That seemed like big steps.

Update: Lynn got something like 11 hours sleep last night, is somewhat functional this morning, and we're still crossing our fingers. She's not hungry, I'm getting there, and Rex has had a lot of upset, even though he's keeping down all his kibble now.