Rough Patch

It's been a rough few weeks in the Warner/Fleishman household. The kids are fine, but not great. We are exhausted. We had a lovely Christmas week with Lynn's folks and brother in town, and with my folks visiting the day after Christmas. But Rex is going through separation anxiety, and thus couldn't easily be handed off to relatives, meaning Lynn or I had to be on top of him. He was also clearly slightly ill, as was Ben, but not very ill. He had some crazy nights, including being wide awake from 10 pm to 1 am a couple nights ago. Then last night, slept 6.30 pm to 6 am. Go figure.

Lynn took Ben into the doctor today with Rex in tow, because Ben is a bit out of sorts--it's so easy to tell when he's sick. He was complaining about his ear and tugging at his cheek below it. The doctor checks out Ben, and he's fine; no ear inflammation, no pus, nothing. She looks at Rex, who was given a once-over about 10 days ago, and says, okay, this guy has an ear infection. He's been started on antibiotics, and I expect we'll be bringing Ben back in next week for the same. (I don't mind a doctor's office that doesn't push antibiotics. Ben has no fever and no presentable symptoms. So we'll just wait; it may clear itself up, which is not uncommon, too.)

We're very lucky, we know. The stomach virus that threw us for a loop a few weeks ago was the first we'd had; friends have had a dozen with kids the same ages. The ear infection is probably the first; friends have had a dozen or more with some kids by Ben's age. And so on.

But we're a bit tired and cranky, so I sound whiny.

The good news is that Ben and Rex are handsome and can be in a good mood, and they try so hard a lot of time, even when feeling poorly, to be happy. That's a good trait, unless you mask all your symptoms! They're sleeping now, and we're hoping for a good night.

Meanwhile, here's a nice candid snapped while I was setting up the camera on a tripod for a family photo.

Img 0646

That's my mom, Rex, Lynn, Michael Warner in the back row; my dad, Diane Warner, Ben, Steve Warner in the front row.