Tooth Fairly

Two banner events today, following a lousy night.

Rex woke at midnight for climbing practice this morning. He wants to pull himself up now all the time when he's out and about, and he's getting darned good at it. Surprisingly so. He's starting to "cruise," where he takes steps while holding himself up. Slick! (Improvements in crawling and the desire to stand happened after all the grandparents visited. As previously remarked with Ben's development, older relatives appearing must spark an evolutionarily competitive neuronic trigger--"Feed me if my parents die as I am o so clever!")

But midnight cruising, not so good for adults on the street or infinks in their cribs. He spent 30 minutes wandering around in the crib, and then started wailing. It took until 2 am before he was settled again, and then he slept until just about 5.30. We managed to slip in another cat nap or two, Lynn and I, so we weren't totally wasted, but this was among the worst nights.

This morning, I swore I felt a tooth. It wasn't exactly toothlike, but seemed like it was a little sharp. Lynn couldn't find it. Tonight in the bath, a tooth, a palpable tooth! Lower middle (incisor?). He seemed very pleased when we found it. That probably explains the midnight alertness.

The other big event was tandem bathing! Lynn got a "bath ring," a kind of suction cup chair for Rex, and the boys took their baths together. Lynn made Ben a bathrobe to help mark the change in routine, which for him has been for years now: bath, books, bed. Ben and Rex seemed equally delighted.

It's a brand new day--and I'm hoping a long and quiet night.