A Moment's Pause


It's nearly 8 am, and everyone is asleep in the house but me. Rex just started antibiotics yesterday for his third ear infection in about six weeks--likely the previous medication didn't totally beat the bug, though. He's decided that waking up at 5 am is just peachy, and has  been doing that for a few days in  a row. Not unhappy, and I don't get him up until about 5.30 since he's playing in his crib until then. But I was thinking 5.30 was WAY too early, his previous typical waking time. Putting him down earlier or later doesn't seem to affect the 5 am thing. His afternoon nap has gone to hell, too, Lynn reports, where he's still sleeping 90 minutes or more in the morning, he is doing 20-minute naps and waking really map in the afternoon. It may be the ear infection; when that improves, the afternoon nap might, too.

Last week, Lynn and I both got out on our own for a night. Lynn for a baby shower; me to see Mike Daisey's monologue Monopoly, which was a hilarious and touching mix of Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison (the rat bastard), Microsoft, and his life history, as well as a partial account of the early stages of mounting this monologue in New York, where he planned to use the largest Tesla coil on the Eastern seaboard in the show. Mike isn't an egotist; he doesn't particularly paint his life (or that of his family) as fascinating. Rather, he weaves in personal elements, no matter how mundane, into the larger story he tells.

Last night, I slept 6 1/2 hours, and it was somehow gloriously fulfilling. I'm not sure why, particularly, but I woke at 4.30 am thinking I was ready to beat the world--and use the toilet. I didn't wake the baby, and got back to bed to drowse for an hour until I got him up.

I've had this strange cold that has gotten slightly better every day for nearly two weeks. It was a couple days of definitely being a cold, but not bad; then into the chest, but not terrible; then I think into the lungs. I wondered if I had pneumonia again, but it's been so slight, it's hard to believe. After 10 days of an ugly cough that happens just a few times a day, and continues to improve ever so slightly, it's time to see a G.P.

Now the house stirs. Lynn is awake from a catnap on the couch. The sun is oddly out, and the temperature has already broken 40 degrees. My world-beating attitude hasn't ended yet.