Oh, Sure, Sleep in This Morning

It's 6.20 a.m., and I've been awake since 5.07. No, not with a baby. The baby is still sleeping, a remarkable performance. He had edged back to 5 am for a few days (awful), but then has given us a respite and was waking after 5.30 for a few days. Strangely, seems "late." This morning, I wake with the call of nature in operatic tones and a slightly sore back--I think I slept for 6 3/4 hours without moving, based on that. It happens sometimes in our "new" (2-year-old) Select Comfort bed. (Stop me before I become an advertisement for buying a baffled, inflatable bed.)

The soprano is singing her aria in my bladder, and at about 5.45, I finally decide I can't get back to sleep and I can't avoid the inevitable. I get up, quietly, and avoid waking Lynn and Rex. Rex snoozes on. This is about 30 minutes longer than his typical latest morning. If it were a new trend, I would be dancing in the street, but I know too well not to do that.

The irregular sleep is worse than less sleep. My body has adapted to about 6 1/2 to 7 hours of sleep, and I seem to be able to function all day without crashing. I'm also on antibiotics for what seemed like a mild cold that went into the lungs (my doc says it triggered a "bronchiospasm"), and perhaps that's helping alleviate what seemed like a bit of hitting the wall about 9 at night.

I can only hope this either a pattern or a fluke. If Rex does this every other night, it's worse than less sleep!