Get Your Ferry On

ShellBen and I took a very brief trip to Port Townsend to visit the 'rents and my aunt and uncle on Thursday and Friday. This was kind of a dry run, since we have traveled about 5% as much as most of our friends with one or two kids. Ben has gone to Connecticut by plane three times (Lynn's parents), and I think to Eugene by car three times (my folks). Rex has never slept away from home, unbelievably. But we're planning a modest trip in the fall to Maine, and we're thinking about traveling a bit more this summer, so we're trying to figure out how it might work. It was ok. En route, we stopped at my friends Don and Lucy's home on Bainbridge Island. They have an acre, a barn, and other cool toys. Ben whiled away some of the visit harrowing. Harrowing Experience Ben was generally a great traveler and held up well, but he had real trouble getting to sleep in a strange room (not surprising), taking about an hour longer than usual to get to sleep. I told him if he had a bad dream, he could come out and find me, and he came out about 10 times over an hour. I finally went in with him and explained that he really needed to get to sleep so we could have a fun day the next day, asked him if he wanted me to lie on the bed with him to help him get to sleep. He said yes. So I lay down on the inflatable mattress with my back to his front, and I heard him to start to breathe heavy pretty quickly. Then I felt a kiss on the back of my head, and then two small arms wrap around my neck. Ben said, "I'm asleep now." I got up very quietly and left the room, and he slept all night. Well, until 4 am. He woke disoriented. I got him back to sleep, but it was a losing battle. He had a huge wet diaper, and then was just too excited. I couldn't get back to sleep during the moments he was back asleep, and he was really up from about 5.30 am on. He didn't poop out during the day, although he was occasionally challenging. We wound up during the two days only being out of my aunt and uncle's house briefly, which is how trips work, anyway. It takes forever to get anywhere and then you have to leave. My mom, dad, and I went to Fort Worden, where Lynn and I were married in 2002 (in a former dirigible hangar, thank you very much), and walked along the beach. Fort Worden Beach Fort Worden Lighthouse We rode a ferry over and back. We were the very very last car at the last moment on the Bainbridge Island (Winslow) ferry on Thursday morning. Literally, they kind of looked at us as we drove along the boarding area, shrugged, and waved us along. We came to a stop, they put chocks under our tires, and kicked off the dock. This is the Walla Walla on the Kingston-Edmonds route below. I had to try the onboard Wi-Fi (it's free as part of my Boingo Wireless subscription), and it worked great. Ferry Walla Walla I was pretty tired with about 5 hours sleep, but Ben's 8 hours wasn't enough, either. Tuckered out