Night 3 of the Fleishman and Fleishman Merger

So...Lynn and I decided Rex was old enough to not freaking sleep in our room any more at night. Don't get us wrong: He needed to be nearer to us during his months of ear infections. But we'd hit a stride with him. He was getting himself well back to sleep on the rare occasions that he was waking up. Ear infections seem to be past with ear tubes and better weather. He's sleeping til about 6.15 am, which is late morning in babyworld.We'd tried to merge the boys in Ben's room (now redubbed Ben and Rex's room) several months ago. We had a couple decent nights and then two that just didn't work. We gave up until Rex was further along. We decided we had slept well enough that we could stand some midnight wakings, and we figured the boys might actually sooth each other. The whole thing has gone far, far better than we anticipated, partly due to both kids' love for each and sweet natures. The first night, we put Rex into his crib, where he often naps, and he was a little confused, but went to sleep right away. Half an hour later, we go in with Ben, and Rex wakes, disturbed and a little unhappy. I soothe him and put him back down, and Ben is in bed. But after a while, it's clear that Rex is too excited. Ben, on the other hand, has fallen deeply asleep. Lynn fetches Rex and he spends the night happily sleeping in our bedroom. Night 2 was just awesome. Rex goes down. Passes out. Ben comes in, Rex doesn't wake. Both kids sleep til 6 am. I get Rex up and Ben sleeps another hour. Night 3 was interesting. Rex never fell asleep when he was put down, and when Ben came in, he was pretty alert. The two guys talked pleasantly to each other for a while, and then Ben fell asleep even as Rex is hurling his new stuff animal (a border collie we named "Dubbly" after my brother-in-law's late, lamented Dolby) around the crib and saying, "Dog! Dog!" (Or rather, "Daw! Daw!") 2575864386_97ff59c319_m.jpg We have a friend over for dessert, and our attention is split between said friend, amused by all this, and the baby monitors where we're seeing action. Finally, our friend says, I think things are quiet. And they are! Rex and Ben managed to put themselves to sleep even with the excitement, and they slept til 6.15 this morning. When I heard them, Ben was singing (his normal way of waking up, how lovely), and Rex was just getting up. I shut the door to our bedroom, and got Rex up and suggested to Ben that he might go back asleep. Ben tried, but he was too excited that Rex is now sharing his room with him. Rex was, too. Knock wood and make the sign of the evil eye, but we have two pretty great kids. Who could have hoped that they'd get along at this age so well? They might be more contentious later, and that's normal, but this is pretty cool indeed. Lynn and I engaged in very adult activities in bed: talking and reading books.