All's Well

I haven't posted anything since Rex's hand-foot-mouth disease experience, so I merely note that the boys are healthy and well. Ben got twin blisters on his feet from new sandals; he will be wearing flip flops soon.Ben is now in the oldest age group classroom (Jungle) at his child care, and enjoying it, although it's clearly a little stressful. This is the pre-school room, and Ben, at nearly 4, is just 15 months away from kindergarten, unbelievably to Lynn and I. Several kids left the room at the start of summer, since they'll start KG in the fall; several more will leave then. The room will mostly then be full of kids he knows, although many of the kids are ones that had already moved up from the previous age room, too. Rex is getting rather frustrated in his first "tween" state: he walks reasonably well, but not extremely well, and he doesn't have the skills to climb down off things but he can climb up them. We can't let him walk around most places without hovering outside the house, and we have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't fall down off a sofa if he manages to get on it. So we're swooping down on him and carrying him around much more than he prefers. It'll pass, but he's a bit mad about it right now. There's a fine line between allowing natural consequences and knowing what those consequences will be. With Rex, he's not at a point yet that he has both the motor skills and the foresight!