Work Day, Snow Day

Yesterday, Seattle was bone dry, but the schools closed because a storm was expected. A strange "doughnut hole" (mmmmmmm) settled around the city, though, deflecting the storm. The radar maps were bizarre, like someone had put a literal circle around central Seattle. The 'burbs and other areas were getting some snow, with significant amounts north and east, but not Seattle.Parents bitched (I'll be one of them some day) at having the kidlings home on a day when the weather turned out cold but perfect, but the same parents would have bitched if the schools were open and then buses were sent out on slippery roads for early dismissal with inches of snow on the ground. It sucks, but better to keep the kids safe. This morning, we woke up to a few inches of real snow and about 30° outside. School was closed today (so our childcare was also closed), and has already been canceled tomorrow. The roads aren't bad, but they're slushy and we're supposed to drop to 18° overnight. Since I'm self employed and have an office outside the house, you'd think I could be productive even at home. Not quite. I did get a few hours of work in, but was too interested and excited by the snow, as well as being too helpful (I think) to my darling wife who managed the kids all day. snowday_1218.jpg I wanted desperately to play hooky but had too much to do. I may succumb tomorrow if trapped at home again. More snow is expected over the weekend, but then warmer temperatures. Every few years, we get a big snow in Seattle before Christmas--this wasn't quite it, as it was just a few inches, not the several to a foot that we've had some times in the past. sledding_12818.jpg