Rough Weeks

I blog a lot less these days, partly because I twitter (follow me @glennf), and partly because the whole "expose everything going on in your mind and life in a journal" thing has lost its general charm to me. I try to write only when the spirit moves--call me a Quaker Blogger.My mom died last Monday, and her passing came in the middle of some awful (but not dangerous) family illness. Everybody in the house has been sick at some time or another. Rex was on three antibiotics at once at one point. Ben clearly has my allergies, with a real flowering (no pun intended) of coughing during this very heavy tree pollen season. Myself, despite taking an effective prescription allergy med that worked early in the season, am overwhelmed by the tree pollen. I've had to add sudafed and other stuff just to get rid of the post-nasal drip, cough, and other side effects. The night my mother died, I had to make my first visit ever for myself to an ER. My throat went from sore to horrible over about an hour around 5 pm. I went to UW Medical Center where mom had died about 10 hours earlier. The crew at the ER was just fine, although it took a while to get all set, as ER visits do. I wound up being sent home with an antibiotic, a course of steroids, and a Vicodin prescription for the pain. I started the drugs immediately and saw an improvement within an hour. The next day, I could actually swallow without pain. Woo hoo! The boys' health and their night-time sleep problems (Rex has stopped waking, but Ben is coughing at times) have meant that Lynn and I are working on something like 5 or 6 weeks of mostly broken sleep, with a few good nights in there. This hasn't left me much time for reflection, for mourning, for thinking about much. I miss my mom. She was a lovely woman, sometimes driving me crazy (every mother must), but a generous person who mostly only thought of what she could do to help other people. The thing I notice most of all is the silence. It's not that I have actual silence in my life, but I feel a palpable quiet where mom used to be. In the coming weeks, I hope our health all improves, and we actually get some consecutive nights of complete sleep. Maybe then I can get some still time to think of my mother.