On Blogging and the Lack Thereof

The scuttlebutt is that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are killing blogs, because people who can tweet in 140 characters or post status updates and photos quite easily on Facebook have little reason to write short or extended posts on their own sites.Like me. Might be true. The transition, though, is from a public space in which a blog--even when it's hosted by another party--turns into "social-media content" hosted in a particular form which can't be transitioned easily elsewhere. If you give up on Facebook or decide their rules are too strict about what you can post (nude photos of yourself? extended curses? political fantasies that involves assassination? or just speech that falls afoul of political correctness?), how do you move your Facebook life elsewhere? You can't. As I posted (on Twitter, natch): Free speech : restricted speech :: Blog : Facebook/Twitter :: Public forum/agora : a mall That's not to blame FB or Twitter for their policies or business aims. Rather, just as free speech is eroded when the public space is diminished--think of where people gather in towns, and whether speech is allowed even when it should be protected--so, too, does a migration to proprietary corporate-controlled fora reduce the ability for unfettered personal expression.