My buddy Rich Siegel's firm Bare Bones gets namechecked with a mention of its flagship BBEdit text-editing and programming tool in an NPR Planet Money podcast, my favorite produced podcast.

I tweeted that detail, and a colleague pointed out that nice words were said about my Wi-Fi Networking News site by Pete Rojas, the founder of Gizmodo, Engadget, and gdgt, in this interview with Jason Calacanis about 3 minutes in. (I once wrote a blog for Jason about digital radio, and I've always been a fan of Pete's.)

Now I feel like an old man of the Internet. Which I guess I am. I started Point of Presence Company back in June 1994 with Todd Haedrich (a friend from my stint at the Center for Creative Imaging in Maine), launching the first Web sites for clients in August, I think. That is a million years ago in Internet years.