People Want an Opportunity to Be Kind

I was reminded of the casual kindness of living in Seattle when I got on the 48 bus this morning with Rex. Now, Rex is beautiful and hilarious and cute as all get out, and I was dressed in brightly colored bike gear. But lots of unprovoked niceness. The bus was packed, and everyone was offering us a seat; I demurred (since Rex liked the unusual opportunity to stand), but was very thankful.

Rex's nose was gushing, and I had failed to bring any tissues with me--I'm normally packing kleenex everywhere. As soon as I got on, a young woman pulled out a pile of tissues and handed them over. I was slightly overwhelmed in a funny way. The 48 is a work and school route: it's full of people with purpose. It was 9 in the morning. And people were apparently charmed by my companion, and looking for an opportunity to do something nice. This makes life good. Thank you.