Putting Your Money Where Your Mouse Is

My latest piece in the Economist (print/online) is about crowdfunding, a way for artists, writers, and others to raise money from friends, fans, and interested others in small increments. It's a fascinating notion. Tens of millions of dollars have been raised this way so far, pretty clearly; could it turn into hundreds of millions per year? Maybe. In any case, it's a great way to kickstart projects with seed funding--the reason that Kickstarter, the biggest enabler of crowdfunding, named itself that.I've also filed a couple more Economist Babbage blog entries as G.F., including one about password selection and another about Dropbox and cloud synced storage. And we did another episode of the podcast, The Incomparable; well, another one with me, at least! Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, and Steven Moffat. And I'm writing a book. Did I tell you that? It's a collection of hundreds of reviews of the best or most interesting apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Five-Star Apps. Pre-order it now. And I'm tired. Back to work! September will be crazy.