Zombie Cookies and Web Type

I wanted to call out a couple of articles and radio appearances from the last week related to the same topic.Last week, I started reading up on the evercookie, a code library and set of notions about how to create tracking in a browser that was nearly impossible to delete by using many different hidey-holes in a browser. The evercookie itself isn't malicious; it's a proof of concept to expose the privacy weaknesses in modern browsers and upcoming standards. I wound up writing about this for The Economist's Babbage blog ("The cookie that never crumbles"), which went up over the weekend; in a few minutes on The Conversation on Thursday on KUOW; and then this morning on APM's Marketplace Tech Report with John Moe. This morning, I filed a piece for The Economist about a favorite subject of mine: typefaces. There's been a large bit of movement in the last year, accelerating recently, that's brought together type designers (and type foundries) and Web browsers. We'll see a lot more real type real soon.