A Million Podcasts

Apparently, appearing on Jeopardy makes you podcast-popular. I appeared on seemingly endless podcasts from October to December.Here are a few highlights:

  • The Incomparable: All about my Jeopardy run, along with discussions of the game-show genre, especially Andy Ihnatko's favorite, The Amazing Race.
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber: we talked Jeopardy, my job at The Magazine, Microsoft's Surface, Apple job shuffles, and more.
  • Horace Dediu, the smartest mobile industry analyst, runs Asymco, but has a podcast called Critical Path. He launched a second one with interviews called High Density starting with yours truly. I explained some of the economic issues with Jeopardy, told him what I know about how The Economist works, and discussed modern journalism.
  • Marketplace Tech Report had me on to talk about algebraic data packet oversampling (seriously), but they also quizzed me about my game show experience.
  • David Sparks and Katie Floyd invited me on to Mac Power Users, where we got into workflow and my favorite apps for getting things done — as well as Jeopardy.

Unrelated to all these, I launched a new podcast series, The New Disruptors, about how creators and producers use new technological means to connect with audiences. It's an eclectic show bound together by talking to people about making things and ideas for themselves. I've put out five episodes so far in the weekly series.

(If you'd like to hear me quote Lauren Graham in this NSFW outtakes portion of The Incomparable in her role in Bad Santa, listen.)