Stand in the Place Where You Work

Everybody seems to be writing articles about the benefits of standing while you work, as well as potentially walking at the same time.

My friend Susan Orlean wrote a wonderful account for the New Yorker of her conversion from sitter to stander to "walking alive." Lex Friedman and I were part of the legion of Twitter friends and real-life buddies that kept egging her on until she made the switch. Seems to suit her.

My father sent me a link to an LA Times story that covers similar material in a more admonitory tone. We're killing ourselves by sitting! Having spent 20 years mostly seated during the day, I'm glad to be mostly standing, just for a change.

Last week, I wrote an Economist Babbage blog item about my first two weeks with a Fitbit, which tracks your steps; my unit also tracks stairs/altitude climbed. I went from walking perhaps 10 miles a week and rarely using my treadmill to getting the competitive fervor and crossing 40 miles two weeks in a row. Its tracking system is full of small to large rewards and competitions (against one's self or friends) that has prodded me. I know I can reach those goals every day, and I know that I can beat Lex's step count on the weeks he flies to Australia and back.