Pick-Up Artists and Kickstarter

I wrote a rather long item for BoingBoing about a Kickstarter campaign for a "seduction" guide that caused a lot of fuss in its final hours. The Kickstarter campaign itself sounded tame and somewhat lame. But the linked content that the project creator planned to turn into a book was full of a jumbled bunch of advice about how men can pick up women that mixed reasonable relationship guidelines with what is essentially sexual assault. 

The pick-up artist (PUA) community is largely socially awkward men who think there's a "secret" they're missing, when they simply cannot understand normal social interactions. The community reinforces the notion that women are objects and that tricks and techniques allow the practitioners to obtain the desired result: sex. It's pitiful and laughable, except for the notion that men should continuously physically escalating until a woman verbally or physically resists.

That's assault, not consent. Read more at BoingBoing.