Bear Playing a Sousaphone

Talking with a friend in the UK on Twitter, my memory was jogged about my dad's granola company, Wildtime Foods. He and a friend at a newspaper the to worked at found themselves at loose ends, and formed the business. Their first product was a baked bar with a gingerbread-ish taste, something like a brownie but not as sweet. It was called, wait for it, a Grizzly Bar. (Gingerbread, Wildtime Foods, see.) 

They commissioned local artist Paul Ollswang to create a set of illustrated cards that were randomly inserted in packages. Collect them all and win a prize! This was 1981. I dug around and found the cards on a site memorializing and distributing Paul's work.

Wildtime Foods trading card, 1981, by Paul Ollswang

Paul died young at 51, sadly! Lovely, weird man who looked exactly like his illustrations. R. Crumb liked his stuff.

Dad sold his interest to his partner many years ago, and his partner later sold out, too. The current company keeps on making great granola. In fact, its process looks nearly identical! A lot of handwork and turning. The logo is only slightly changed from the one created over 30 years ago.