Disrupting Newly: A Move

On August 1st, my podcast The New Disruptors will move from the Mule Radio Network over to my new company Aperiodical, which owns The Magazine. I built a modest Web site at newdisrupt.org that I'd always meant in my (yeah, right) spare time to post more items of interest to those who listen to the podcast. I'll be doing more of that in the future along with hosting the podcast files and show notes (and archives).  A new design and all the back episodes will be up there when the switchover happens. (You should be able to keep your podcast feed pointed to Mule and we'll arrange a redirect to the new feed.)

Because everyone wants to have drama around podcasts moving around or ending, I'll just briefly defuse that: Mule Radio in the form of Mike Monteiro, Jim Ray, Caleb Sexton, David McCreath, Angela Kilduff, and Benjamin Nguyen (to mention the folks I've worked directly with) have all been incredibly supportive since I pitched the show idea through fixing some truly ugly audio I've occasionally recorded to me telling them I'm moving to my own platform.

The Mule folks don't run a charity in either their design or podcasting businesses, but they have effectively pledged themselves to help enable other people's creativity while also making good use of their own. Mike's book (Design Is a Job), the lectures that he and other staff regularly give, the Let's Make Mistakes podcast,  the podcast network's overall approach — yes, there's money involved, but their motivations always seem to arise out of the generous and collaborative influence, not the need to maximize return and screw the folks involved.

I wouldn't have launched the podcast without knowing there was a good home for it; I wouldn't have kept at it this consistently without the friendly advice and support the Mule Radio folks provided, and the knowledge that the expectation was I'd produce it weekly. The community of podcasts at Mule is also great, and I've benefited from being part of that group. So: thanks, everyone! (Advertising will still be handled by Podlexing, my buddy Lex Friedman's podcast sponsorship sales network, the name of which I suggested!)

Now as to why I am cruelly abandoning them. I've devoted a big hunk of my life to The Magazine since last October, first as Marco's editor, and now as its owner. With a platform to publish in place, it makes more sense for me to build and run all my endeavors (especially managing content and building tools) under one roof. The New Disruptors and The Magazine's focus aren't identical, of course, but they are consonant with each other, and I'll be creating stronger ties as appropriate.

Also, as noted back in the sale announcement for The Magazine in late May, I have a plan to launch a podcast that will be a freestanding companion to the articles, featuring interviews both with the authors of articles and by the authors with their subjects. It will be a little bit like a public radio show with segments. Several of our regular writers have radio and podcasting background, and this will be a neat way to expand those interests. That's humming along, and I expect to announce a launch date soon. (It will be free and the plan is to produce weekly episodes, either initially or soon after its start.) 

We're exploring more audio ideas, too, as subscriber benefits and associated with the world of electronic publishing. I'll let you know as those bake and mature more fully, too.

Thanks again to Mule Radio and the gang, and I'll post more information when the new site is fully ready to go.