The Politest Spam Ever

One receives spams every day, but it is rare to have one that so eloquently and politely attempts to dissuade one from believing it is a fraud, and that even starts with my accurate first name. This is genuine message that appears to be fake due to its incredible earnestness: 

Greeting my dear Glenn,
How are you today? I hope you are fine. I want to assure that this transaction is real and that I am man of integrity. I can never contemplate or think of cheating you because as a christain we are taught to be our brother’s keeper and I do carry out my duty with the fear of God. I am married with kids and I will not do anything that will tarnish my family's image. I work so hard in order to better the lives of my family and people around me and this necessitated my letter to you, so that we can carry out this transaction in order to assure the future of our families.
I want you to trust me, as I will also trust you. You don't need to feel jittery or panicky because you are not going to lose anything in this transaction, rather you will gain tremendously from this transaction. Some of the stories written about Africa as a continent is very biased and prejudicial and has no place in our history. Such write ups are jaundiced, however, I know that there are some unscrupulous elements in the continent that their stock in trade is causing mischief but such people are in the minority. For this transaction to be successful, you have to remove all cynicism and skeptism that might be capable of jinxing this transaction. Have a positive attitude towards this transaction and I assure that you will smile at the end of this transaction.
I will guild and direct you on how to put claim over the release of the fund for our sharing according to the indicate percentage in my previous message which is subject to negotiation. The most important thing is for you to assure me that;
(1). You will not betrayed me at last (2). You will manage my share inyour country or company (if available). (3). You will stand as the sponsor; I mean you will finance the whole process of releasing this fund to you Do contact me on my private email:
Thanks and God Bless.
Regards, [OMITTED] REPLY TO MY PRIVATE EMAIL;( [OMITTED] ) Call me for discussion.