My Latest Book: A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy & Security in iOS 9

I've been writing about the three topics in this book's title for…well, decades now. And even though iOS is ostensibly an intuitive and simple operating system, knowing where every setting is and which software to use to enhance safety, security, and privacy can be a struggle. This 176-page book, A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy & Security in iOS 9, documents all that in concise chapters divided by tasks that tackles the basics all the way up to advanced topics. (You can download an excerpt with a full table of contents and a chapter.)

Folks concerned about privacy controls in iOS and safe/ad-free web surfing asked me to include details on those topics for this new edition. The Privacy section is thus all new. It explains how to use Apple's settings—and what Apple claims is done with data and details it collects when you're searching, using Siri, and mapping. I also have a chapter that runs through content-blocking Safari extensions, which were introduced in iOS 9, and allow third-party apps to help you block web-based malware, trackers, phishing sites, and unwanted bandwidth wasters, which can include advertising networks that don't respect your privacy, time, or your mobile data plan costs!

The book is normally $15, and you get three DRM-free versions: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Kindle compatible). As a reader of this blog who read to this point on the page, you can get 25% by using the coupon code FOG9 at checkout. Thanks for your support!

You can also buy the books through your favorite online bookseller:

You can even get it in print! This edition is printed on demand (POD), and it looks almost exactly like books printed in large quantity—and costs the same as the ebook edition.