What's That? It's…Afoot! The Game, That Is

Over at The Incomparable network, I've just launched a podcast about mysteries—anything within the genre and related—called Afoot! No, it's not just about Sherlock Holmes, though you can imagine the great ratiocinator will come up. I've assembled a set of panelists, and different members (plus special guests) will appear in each episode depending on the topic.

The first episode is live! It's an introductory one in which six of us talk about what got us hooked on mysteries, our favorites, and what makes a mystery a mystery. We're planning on having new episodes at least every month, possibly more frequently.

The artwork is by Antony Johnston (based on my feeble imaginings), writer and podcast host; the intro and outdo sound-effect "play" by David J. Loehr, playwright and panelist.