It's a Big Book

I've just released The Magazine: The Complete Archives. It's the entire set of nearly 300 articles that were commissioned for The Magazine during its 28-month run, mostly under my editorship, and largely under my ownership. You can get the ebook edition (which comes as a set in EPUB, PDF, and MOBI) for $25. It's 1,800 pages in PDF!

We had a great time making The Magazine, and I didn't want it to disappear without a trace. So I raised funds in a Kickstarter earlier this year to fund production of this complete collection and create a pot of money to seed another publication, Old & New, that's more modest in its ambition.

Old & New will not be an app. It will not rely on Apple's shifting priorities. It will be web based, but also delivered as an ebook (once it builds up steam). It will be presold a year in advance once the audience is there to commit to a year at a time. It will use existing software and infrastructure; I plan to not build a single unique bit of code for it, if I can help it.

I'm trying to build something good, low-key, sustainable, and interesting. It'll be a great next experiment.