The Latest in the World of Glenn

An update from the land of Glenn: I've been a busy bee as usual. September has whizzed by, even with the six-day teacher strike (fully justified!) early this month.

  • At Macworld, you can find piles and piles of stories from Apple's hardware announcements and updates earlier this month, including my essay on how an iPad Pro is a kind of test for an ARM-based laptop running OS X. Benchmarks on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus after I wrote this essay show that it's faster than some of Apple's low-end Intel-based laptops for a broad range of tasks.
  • At Fast Company, I tackled "Happy Birthday": why despite a recent summary judgment in a lawsuit about the rights that Warner-Chappell Music claimed, a judge didn't declare the work in the public domain. But are the lyrics still under copyright? Were they ever? It's the Schrödinger's Cat of copyright.
  • Imagine a friendly cube that shoots pressurized air to move about in zero gravity and help astronauts! NASA envisioned this and is making the Astrobee, a tiny wonder for the International Space Station that will assist and supplement crew. I wrote about Astrobee in this week's Economist.
  • Since July, I've been editing guides and other work at The Wirecutter. Some of the ones I've had a fair amount to do with will appear soon.
  • I've been back to taping more The Incomparable episodes. Soon, you'll be able to hear me reprise my role as Nicola Tesla in not just one, but two Incomparable Radio Theater shows! But already out, in reverse chronological order:
  • I'm a guest on an upcoming Defocused podcast installment, where I torture the young hosts by forcing them to watch and talk about The Highlander.
  • Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly had me as a guest on their Cool Tools podcast. I explained my love for a blister-packaging cutter, among other things.
  • I returned to the Internet History Podcast to excavate more thoughts about my time at Amazon, the current controversy about Amazon's employee treatment (and those of other dotcoms), and the situation around current freelancer pay rates.