A Week of Articles! Economist, The Ringer, and More

Several articles that were percolating over various periods of time all ran in the last week, which is all in the life of a busy freelancer:

  • In the Economist, you can read "The Internet of Stings" about how the billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be hijacked, and how they were used to launch one of the biggest Internet attacks ever against a lone journalist, Brian Krebs. (This appears in the print issue as well as online; I'm rarely in print publications these days.)
  • In my first appearance in The Ringer, Bill Simmons' new journalism venture, I dive into gender-based technology rejection, driven against sites and products that men think are only for women.
  • At Fast Company, I dig into what appears to be a normal copyright dispute over photographs by the renowned Carol Highsmith, which could result in a court decision that gives scammers carte blanche to demand licensing fees for public-domain work.
  • For TidBITS, I explain and test several person-to-person (and person-to-business) payment systems that have iMessage apps: Circle, Square Cash, and Venmo.
  • Additionally, I had my usual flood of pieces in Macworld, where I write multiple Mac 911 question-and-answer columns a week, and wrote recently about the remarkable properties of the new two-camera iPhone 7 Plus.