400,000th Tweet for Charity

Update: Thanks to everyone who contributed! I know many people told me they'd already given to PP in recent months, but folks still gave over $2,200! Wonderful and thank you.

Original post

I'm about to hit 400,000 messages posted on Twitter since I joined in August 2007. While a terrifying number, that includes retweets (those made by others that I repost), article tweets from news sites I'm reading, and the like. I've also long used Twitter as a kind of public chat room, so many of my tweets are conversations, not posted statements for everyone to read.

But I'd like to redeem the time spent by turning my run-up to 400,000 into a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood—you can contribute here.

It's been under attack for years, most significantly with an allegedly criminal effort (two perpetrators have been charged) to mislead about both its purpose (abortion is a small portion of what PP does) and the way in which fetal body parts were transferred (it happened at a few facilities under tight controls). And, hey, even Nancy Reagan supports fetal tissue research.

PP does so much good for so many women who otherwise have no access to healthcare that includes and goes beyond reproductive medicine. I hope they will work to better explain how they help women and non-gender-binary people across so many aspects of medicine tailored to the particular issues of female bodies.

What I'd like to do is raise at least 400,000 cents ($4,000) for PP, and make my 400,000th tweet be something picked by the highest-dollar donor. I'll thank everyone who wants to be thanked by name and handle after 400,000 tweets, but I'll use some of the run-up of the next 150 or so tweets to promote the fundraiser, and that big 400K to reward someone who goes the extra mile. This is in honor of the brave people who work at Planned Parenthood every day.

Not everyone feels like Planned Parenthood is the best place to give money right now, and so I'd also like to encourage people to donate to Flint to help people obtain water (via The Flint Water Fund), and to Black Lives Matter, which has brought to America's attention problems that have plagued America and can no longer be ignored. I'll honor donors to those causes, too.

I'll update this post with more detail as I set up the fundraiser and get closer. I have to set a deadline on PP's site to raise money with a goal, and I'm not sure how far off to set it at the moment.