Freelance Editor, For Hire

With the conclusion of a very lovely and worthwhile editorial contracting job, I'm back to full-time freelancing. While that freelancing includes weekly contributions to Macworld I still have a dance card with slots free for other one-time and recurring writing assignments.

Beyond writing, I'd also like to find project-based or article-based editing gigs both for publications and for authors looking for some help in punching up and tightening their prose.

I've been editing for most of my life it seems, and professionally for 25 years. I've worked with many publications and run my own, most recently spending over two years editing what added to up to nearly 300 non-fiction, long-form reported stories and essays for The Magazine, which I owned for most of its run.

In early 2016, I worked as a freelance editor for Mark Harris's Kickstarter-funded, editorially independent investigation of a successful crowdfunding campaign for a palm-sized drone that imploded with few working models delivered.

Mark is an award-winning freelance science and technology writer for the Economist, the Guardian, Scientific American, MIT Tech Review and others. Here's what he says about my work:

Glenn is one of the very best editors I have worked with. Not only does he scrub copy until it shines, catch errors both obvious and obscure, and ask the most useful awkward questions, he also adds genuine weight and substance to any project he is working on. He’s diplomatic, attentive, rigorous, and utterly focused on quality, even under tight deadlines.

I'm available on an hourly and project basis, and pride myself on being a colleague who is delightful, supportive, and constructive, but also won't let a writer off the hook on unanswered questions—whether the writer has hired me directly or I'm editing for a publication.

I asked some of the word artists who contributed to The Magazine for endorsements—now that I no longer have the power of assignments to sway their honesty—and compiled a set of their comments on my Editor for Hire page. My c.v. is available on request as well. (You can contact me at