My New Books about Slack!

Months in the making, my two books about Slack are now available for sale from the fine people at Take Control Books!

I wrote these books in part because Slack has spread so quickly that there's not as much institutional knowledge and as many sources to go for tips and help—even in Google! People want to get up to speed and working fast. It's an amazing communications tool for groups, especially those spread out by distance or across departments. The two books are for different audiences.

(What's Slack? It's a group communication tool that lets members chat in channels organized by topics, message privately, and share files. It comes in free and paid versions, and the free version is surprisingly full featured.)

Looking for a community to ask questions about Slack? Join us at SlackBITS, a free team you can join via a Web site to try Slack out and talk to us about the books and about Slack.

Take Control of Slack Basics will take you from Slack neophyte to master in a matter of a few chapters. Broken out by different aspects of Slack—like working with channels, posting messages, managing notifications, and searching effectively—I've thrown in hundreds of tips, and dozens upon dozens of step-by-step illustrated instructions. And I make some jokes, because Slack is fun.

Did you know you could press the Up arrow in a desktop app and edit the previous message you'd posted? That you can use a three-finger swipe left to switch among multiple teams in the iOS app? That you can enable a beta feature to enable person-to-person audio calls within Slack in a free team—or multi-person calls (up to 15 people) in a paid team? That you can use emoji (including custom ones you add to a team) to tag a message with reactions, but also use those reactions as a form of bookmark for searching?

Example page from Take Control of Slack Basics.

Slacks has released native apps for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and Android, and the book covers all those platforms, as well as the highly functional Web app version.

You can read more about the book at the Take Control site and order a copy for immediate download in DRM-free PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Kindle-compatible) formats. It's 185 pages of creamy Slack goodness for $15.

Take Control of Slack Admin aims to help someone who wants to set up a free or paid Slack team for a group of any kind, but who lacks an information technology (IT) department or consultant to help. Administering Slack isn't that hard, but there's a lot of implicit knowledge and details about choices I help make clearer to anyone who has to start for scratch and doesn't have anyone to call on for help.

As with the Basics book, the Admin title covers all the platforms Slack is available on, and is available in DRM-free PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. It's $15 as well, but you can put both books in your shopping cart and get an automatic 20% off both ($24).

We're also offering bulk purchase discounts starting at 50% off five or more copies of single titles, like the Basics book. So if you want to get the Admin and Basics books for yourself, and then also get several copies of Basics for members of your group, we've trying to make that affordable.