Relaunching a Patreon campaign to write and talk about type, printing, language, and a lot more

I spent a good portion of 2017 writing about type, typography, printing, letterpress, design, and language, and how they all interact. I’d like to write more about this in the coming years, and I can do so with your support. I’ve relaunched a Patreon campaign focused entirely on these topics, so I can write a combination of work that’s either exclusively for patrons or that patrons get first access to. Beyond writing and photographic essays, this may include a podcast, audio and video interviews, and books, depending on the level of support I’m able to achieve.

There’s a limited amount I can find a home for in fee-paying publications, and in my research, travel, and practical work last year, I uncovered hundreds of stories past and present that I’d like to tell and have piled virtually and physically around me. This research also led me to an idea to produce a video explaining six centuries of printing, and for three books beyond the two type-related recent ones I’ve written and produced. (London Kerning, the latest, will be out in an ebook version next week if all continues to go well, and then in print about a month later. You can pre-order or back at a Patreon level that includes it.)

This last year, I honed my letterpress printing skills and printed a book on a letterpress, wrote dozens of articles about the history of printing and related current topics—like “font detectives,” who testify about forgeries in civil cases and criminal trials—and traveled to the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Wisconsin, as well as to London, where I visited the printing library and archives at the St Bride Foundation and The Type Archive, both remarkable collections that are unfortunately barely open to the public.

You can support my Patreon campaign at all sorts of levels, starting at $1. (If you read about the Patreon kerfuffle around fees last year, the company walked this entirely back and returned to its previous sensible system, which I was glad to hear.)

Visit the Patreon campaign, and you can read more about my intent, what I plan to write with your support, and the kinds of rewards available. You’ll also find links to a number of stories I wrote about type and the like in 2017.

Thanks very much for your support, as always!