Apple ID Troubles? I Can Help with a New Book


The Apple ID acts as the pivot point around which Apple’s ecosystem turns. It’s an account that you use to manage iCloud, purchases, subscriptions, and lost devices, among a dozen other purposes.

This account covers everything in the Apple ecosystem, but it’s also difficult to work with, as Apple made it quite inflexible. You can’t merge accounts or split elements out of them. You can’t transfer purchases, nor can you make purchases with a single account in multiple countries, if you live and travel in multiple places regularly.

My new book, Take Control of Your Apple ID, distills everything I’ve learned over many years, including from thousands of emails I’ve received at Macworld in writing the Mac 911 Q&A column. I know the problems people have experienced, and how to solve them—or whether they can be solved at all.

This book is both a source of advice and troubleshooting, but also has two other purposes: I tell you how to better prevent account problems, such as difficulty recovering account access if something goes wrong.

And I describe how to recognize a hack in progress against your account—and how to stop it while it’s underway.

It’s a slim volume at 76 pages, and costs just $7.99. Snag the ebook today!