A bunch of books by Glenn

I wrote and produced three books in the last year, and I thought it might be a good idea to highlight that they’re all immediately available as ebooks, and two of them in print editions.

London Kerning cover.png

My latest, London Kerning, I’ve written oodles about: it’s a journey into England’s typographic and printing past told through current collections in hard-to-visit archives in London, and through contemporary type designers and letterpress printers there. The second printing just arrived from the printer, and you can purchase either an ebook or a print copy—or both!

Too Fine Cover for ebook 1000px.jpg

Last year, I produced a letterpress edition of Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It, a collection of my reporting stories on intersections of printing, type, and language. While that edition of 100 sold out, I will have some author’s proofs available later in spring. But you can purchase an expanded ebook edition, with 10 reported stories, including an account of making the letterpress book, right now!

NetSec iOS 11 cover w800.png

For those concerned about or interested in keeping their iPhone or iPad safe, last October I published the latest extensive update to Networking, Privacy, and Security in iOS 11, which offers exactly what is on the label. Detailed, illustrated, step-by-step instructions as well as insight into how to secure your device, keep your data private, and connect to networks and peripherals. Get the ebook immediately. You can also purchase a print-on-demand copy.