Book, Book, Book! Three New Books

It‘s been a busy summer, and I have three new and revised books to show for it. Two came out today!

Connect and Secure Your iPhone and iPad (for iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1) is the sixth edition of my ebook about making your mobile devices as safe and secure as possible. Download this excerpt, which is a full chapter on Personal Hotspot, significantly changed in iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1.

The book, renamed this edition to be more concise, explains how to connect to various kinds of networks, manage your cellular data usage (including a new Low Data Mode), use AirDrop and AirPlay, understand Apple’s anti-tracking protections in Safari, make smart privacy decisions, use a VPN for extra security, enable two-factor authentication to protect your Apple ID against hijacking, and work with the updated Find Me service to track lost devices and potentially recover stolen ones. The book is overhauled for iOS 13.1 and the new iPadOS 13.1. (I’ve released an update that brings the book fully up to date with the 13.1 releases.)

Take Control of Your Apple ID is a comprehensive guide to managing your Apple account, including adding security, making sure you can recover access if your account is locked, dealing with multiple Apple IDs, and troubleshooting common problems. It is also fully updated for all the new operating systems!

Six Centuries of Type & Printing is a totally different animal. It’s a short breeze through the entirety of type and printing from Gutenberg to the present. You’ll learn what Gutenberg created that was new and unique, how type design and manufacture progressed across centuries, and the huge acceleration in technology that began right around 1800 and has hardly stopped until today. The print edition of the book is typeset in hot-metal Monotype composition and its illustrations are engraved in zinc plates. The book is printed by letterpress, and is a foil-stamped, case-bound hardcover with sewn signatures, and comes in a slipcase, also foil stamped. It’s 64 pages long and measures 8 by 5 inches. The book is currently in production and due to ship by January 2020. You can pre-order a copy. There’s also an ebook edition that will ship in a few weeks. The print edition includes an ebook download.