Books by Glenn

Since the mid-1990s, I’ve written, co-written, and edited many books, some across several editions. The following are currently available for purchase.

London Kerning cover small.png

London has long been a place where type design and graphic design coalesced, and where the machinery of making fonts and the people with an eye to create them intermingled. London Kerning (76 pages, Feb. 2018) captures a slice of both the contemporary part of it and its history, especially regarding type designer Berthold Wolpe.

Find out more about the book here, or download an excerpt.You can also pre-order the print edition via this link ($10 plus shipping) and get the ebook immediately, while the print edition ships around March 1.

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An ebook collection of 10 researched and reported articles and essays about type, printing, and language. It includes the history of using CAPITAL LETTERS TO SHOUT, a look at Walt Whitman’s poem “A Font of Type,” an examination into whether curly quotes will disappear because of the Internet, why > is used to quote replies to messages and posts, how letterpress printing has come back from the dead, and more.

A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy & Security in iOS 10

A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy & Security in iOS 11

This book covers a huge range of common setup and routine usage issues, with illustrated step-by-step instructions for carrying out these tasks. The book offers insight into what information you may unintentionally expose about yourself, and how to prevent Apple and third parties from gaining access to your details. It also walks you through security scenarios from securing your data in transit to connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network to recovering or erasing a lost phone.

Take Control of Slack Basics

Take Control of Slack Basics

Intended for every Slack user, the book starts by explaining how Slack apps work, and then walks you through posting messages, working with file uploads, joining and making channels, handling direct messages, managing notifications, and being productive. If you’re new to Slack and your business or other group has adopted it, the book teaches you everything you need to know about using Slack efficiently and having fun along the way. Many features resist easy discovery without a helping hand, but you’ll run across a surprising amount of whimsy while using Slack.


Take Control of Slack Admin

This title helps you create a new Slack team (either paid or free) and manage it effectively, even if you don’t have an IT department or consultant. And if you are an IT engineer, the book explains all the details you need to keep your team running smoothly, including a full chapter on the human side of the equation.


Learn how to create a fast, reliable, and secure Apple Wi-Fi network using 802.11ac or 802.11n AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule base stations.

Complete archives cover_MagazineCover small.jpg

The Magazine published nearly 300 non-fiction stories across its 28 months in existence as a fortnightly electronic periodical. We produced 58 issues from October 2012 to December 2014 —over 500,000 words from 150 authors. This entire body of commissioned work has now been put into a high-quality, DRM-free ebook.


We collected a few dozen of the features that appeared in the first year of The Magazine into a hardcover book and a longer ebook edition. The ebook edition is now available free.

Past works by Glenn include:

  • Take Control of BBEdit, Take Control of Wi-Fi Security, and other titles
  • The Wireless Networking Starter Kit (two editions)
  • Five-Star Apps
  • Real World Scanning and Halftones (managing editor, first edition; principal writer, second edition; editor, third edition)
  • Real World Adobe GoLive (three editions)
  • A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, & Security (for iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10)