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The first printing of the print edition had one error, fixed in version 1.1.0 of the ebook and in the second printing.

page 15

Albertus was inspired from bronze inscriptions that Wolpe had made, but those inscriptions weren’t on a bell. (The bell, from the same era, had Fraktur (Gothic) style type.)

Book Links

The following is a list of all URLs that appear in London Kerning in the order they appear by page and on the page.

page 1 (copyright notice)

Aperiodical LLC

page 12

Yale’s Arts of the Book Collection

page 18

1960s The Prisoner TV series

The most boring commemorative sign

page 21

Aspects of a style called Fraktur

The Bixler Press and Letterfoundry in New York

page 25

Monotype’s Wolpe Collection video

page 28

(caption) Photo by Alexander Baxevenis

page 34

A 2005 obituary of Justin Howes in the Guardian

page 36

The Bridewell Theatre’s seats on a hidden wooden framework

page 38

Inland Printer describing St Bride Foundation Institute

page 39

Talbot Baines Reed reference

page 42

James Mosley’s blog

page 43

(caption) The Sun edition that made workers quite ill.

page 46

The Type Archive’s Collections page

page 58

The Crystal Goblet (or Printing Should Be Invisible)

The recovery of the Doves Press type

page 65

The Electric Recording Company

page 67

The book, Makers of East London

page 71–72, BiBliographic links

Take Courage, Southwark,” Painted Signs and Mosaics, March 5, 2010

St Bride Foundation: Where Fleet Street Learned to Print,” London Historians, Ursula Jeffries, Dec. 2011

The fight over the Doves,” the Economist, Dec.19, 2013

The St Bride Foundation: the curators of the past set for future glory,” Print Week, Jenny Roper, Feb. 28, 2013

Louis John Pouchée alphabets,” 8Faces, Jamie Clarke, Feb. 10, 2014

Albertus and The Prisoner,” We Made This, Alistair Hall, Feb. 26, 2015

Meet Berthold Wolpe, the Designer Behind Faber & Faber’s Distinctive Book Covers,” Eye on Design at AIGA, Ellen Himmelfarb, May 27, 2015

Major cutbacks for St Bride Foundation Library,” The Bookseller, Benedicte Page, Aug. 5, 2015

Johnston Sans: The Tube typeface that changed everything,” BBC, Dan Damon, March 30, 2016

Berthold Wolpe entry at German Designers, Gerald Cinamon

Doves Press Font Revived by Robert Green,” Typespec

Klingspor Museum biography of Wolpe

Lanston Type Company history and ownership, p22 Type Foundry

Ornamented Type: Twenty-three alphabets from the foundry of Louis John Pouchée,” I.M. Imprimit

The Roundel,” Transport for London (TfL)

St Bride Foundation site, blog entries and articles

Catalogue of the William Blades Library, compiled by John Southward, 1899

A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 2, General, 1911, entry on “Printing,” via British History Online

page 73, acknowledgements

Type designer Toshi Omagari of Monotype

Donate to the St Bride Library

Donations to The Type Archive

Richard Ardagh and Graham Bignell, New North Press

Robert Green, The Doves Type

Keith Houston, author of Shady Characters and The Book

David Marshall and Elizabeth Ellis, The Counter Press

Jeremy Tankard Typography