The Start of Color

I had a couple days off from printing and returned fresh to start the 13 passes of the second color, which I’m using for illustrations, photographs, and one big period on the title page. This coffee color will also be matched to the thread used to bind the book. (My bookbinder, Jules, created a binding dummy using a thread she had on hand that’s great, but she only had a bit. I matched the ink to the thread and will now match the thread to the ink!)

The second color is far, far easier to print, as I expected. Because everything is already registered and backed-up front and back in black, I’m just dialing in very small areas. It takes much less time and it’s easier to make adjustments when I’m off on the order of 1/72nd of an inch (1 point) than with entire sheets. Color consistency is important, but it’s easier to tolerate a wider range than with black, where your eye picks up differences very quickly.

The two passes today took about one-third to one-half less time than my black passes. If all goes well tomorrow, I may print three color passes, and be at 5 of 13 done. This means I need to step up a few other design tasks that need to be finished so I can be ready to print the chapter numbers, end papers, and cover.