Cut pages and set endpapers

Progress continues, and some of it can be really exhausting! In the last two week:

  • I printed the first side of the keepsake in two colors. I’ll have side two finished soon and then will be shipping those out.
  • A week ago, I set the type by hand for the endpapers, which took about eight hours, including corrections. It’s a great experience to have. I should be printing the first past of those on Saturdays. I have a second color for them, too, and that may wind up being on a different day, depending on how it goes.
  • Today, I cut the interior pages down to size. This was incredibly nerve wracking. If I made a mistake on a single press sheet, it might add 12 hours to the project. If I made a mistake consistently, I'd have to…redo everything. I believe I cut everything correctly. See the video below.

On Tuesday, I’ve gathered a small group that will be helping me to fold all the interior pages, which number about 1,200 (enough to make roughly 150 books). In the process of folding, we’ll find rejects or ones that aren’t quite good enough to include. Then I hand the folded pages off to the bookbinder!

This has shifted a little bit later in the month, so the first finished books won’t ship until September, but I’ve shifted the schedule back just by a week or so.