A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, & Security in iOS 12

This book describes how to use your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 on Wi-Fi and cellular/mobile networks securely, making connections with ease while protecting your data and your privacy.

It also covers Bluetooth networking, using iOS 12 and third-party password managers, tracking an iOS device, USB port blocking to prevent brute-force passcode cracking, the Apple Watch, Personal Hotspot and Instant Hotspot, blocking jerks and spam (on iMessage, SMS, FaceTime, and voice), two-factor authentication with an Apple ID, using AirDrop and AirPlay, and solving connection problems.

It’s thoroughly updated for iOS 12. (If you have a coupon code, click Purchase, and then enter the code during checkout.)

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New edition coming September 19, 2019! Watch for updates or join my low-volume announcement list to get an alert and discount.

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Hello, and welcome to the Practical Guides, books written by Glenn Fleishman, a senior contributor to Macworld, and a regular writer for TidBITS, the Economist, SmithsonianFast Company, and other publications. 

The latest book in my series is A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy & Security in iOS 12. It covers a huge range of common setup and routine usage issues, with illustrated step-by-step instructions for carrying out these tasks. The book offers insight into what information you may unintentionally expose about yourself, and how to prevent Apple and third parties from gaining access to your details. It also walks you through security scenarios from securing your data in transit to connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network to recovering or erasing a lost phone.

Apple made substantial changes in recent updates to iOS in areas covered in the book. This includes improved automatic blocking of tracking IDs in Safari, built-in support for QR Code (2D code) scanning, USB device lock out to resist brute-force cracking of your passcode, better access to networking options in Control Center, changing the way apps ask for your location and iOS displays location tracking, modifying how Apple ID accounts can be recovered with two-factor authentication enabled, adding the ability to record your screen, offering third-party apps support to let you filter your text messages for spam and abuse, and other areas.

This edition adds a new chapter covering the ins and outs of password use and management in iOS 12, which overhauled and improved all associated features. I cover creating passwords, updating password re-used across web sites, working with third-party passwords, and automatically filling in SMS codes used in two-factor authentication.

This book is fully updated to cover all the latest features, warnings, and options in iOS 12.

View sample spreads and read the table of contents at the bottom of this page. You can purchase the book for immediate download by clicking Purchase or following this link.

Price: $20
Length: 198 pages
Includes three electronic formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI
DRM: None. Read on any device and in any ereader software.
ISBN: 978-0-9994897-0-3 (ebook), 978-0-9994897-1-0 (print)
Version: 1.1.0, September 24, 2018
Includes free updates to this iOS 12 edition; link for direct update downloads is on the book’s Welcome page. Download is a standard ZIP archive containing all three ebook formats.

You'll learn how to…

What’s NEW in the IOS 12 edition?

  • Working with iOS 12’s new password-management updates.

  • Updated to note Apple has cancelled its line of Wi-Fi base stations, and that AirPort Express received a firmware update for AirPlay 2.

  • How Apple implemented the Lightning port USB timeout, which deters brute-force cracking of passcodes.

  • Updated to include AirPlay 2 details.

  • Information about new data privacy regulations in the EU (May 2018) and in California (January 2020).

  • Adds information about Apple's new anti-tracking features, including blocking browser-specific feature checking and illegitimate use of sharing buttons and commenting to track people.

  • Notes new password warning about re-use across multiple sites.

  • Explains automated SMS-based second-factor code fill-in in iOS 12.

  • A new sidebar on the dangers of SMS-based codes!

  • Added references to the iPhone XR and XS, and new Face ID details.

  • And many, many small changes to bring the book in sync with iOS 12!

  • Troubleshoot problematic Wi-Fi connections.

  • Create and manage passwords for easy entry, including with third-party passwords tools

  • Use Safari content-blocking extensions to keep sites from tracking you without permission.

  • Master all the options for a Personal Hotspot.

  • Stream music and video to other devices with AirPlay 2.

  • Deter brute-force cracking by relying on a new USB Accessories timeout.

  • Configure Bluetooth devices.

  • Transfer files between iOS and OS X with AirDrop.

  • Block creeps from iMessage, FaceTime, text messages, and phone calls.

  • Secure your data in transit with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

  • Protect your device against access and deal with it going missing.

  • Plan and manage your cellular data usage.

The book covers WPA2 security, AirDrop, AirPlay, Bluetooth networking, content-blocking Safari extensions, Wi-Fi Calling, Wi-Fi Assist, Call Blocking, networking features in Control Center, Airplane Mode, privacy settings, Personal Hotspot (including Instant Hotspot), USB Accessories, VPNs, two-factor authentication, Touch ID, Face ID, passcodes, and Find My iPhone.

FULL Table of Contents

The book is divided into Networking, Privacy, and Security sections.


Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
Make a Mobile Hotspot
Choose to Use Cellular Data or Wi-Fi
Manage Cell Data Usage
Place Calls via Wi-Fi
Airplane Mode
Set Up Bluetooth
Exchange Files with AirDrop
Stream Music and Video via AirPlay


Privacy Leaks
iOS Privacy Settings
Keeping Creeps Away
Content-Blocking Safari Extensions


Create, Manage, and Use Strong Passwords
Connect to a Secure Wi-Fi Network
Use Two-Factor Authentication
Transfer Data Securely
Protect Your Device
When Your Device Goes Missing


Thanks to Jeff Carlson for technical editing and proofreading this edition.