Alan Boyle Makes the CasE for Pluto

Alan Boyle wants you to believe in Pluto. So much so that he wrote the book The Case for Pluto, that argues why the ice dwarf deserves to remain in the pantheon of planets. With the New Horizons spacecraft getting closer to Pluto, Alan comes to Ada's to talk with Seattle sci/tech journalist Glenn Fleishman about the planet, its moons, our first close-up glimpse, the Oort cloud, and the upcoming interruption in the stream of outer-planet missions.

Alan is NBC News Digital's science editor, a local resident, and a regular on TV talking about space and other science. Glenn is a regular contributor to the Economist, Fast Company, and MIT Technology Review.

Madeline Ashby, Science-Fiction Author and Futurist

Madeline Ashby spends her days dreaming pragmatically about the future, whether for her consulting futurist work, in which she helps companies conceive of coming transformations in society and industry, or for her science-fiction writing. Seattle journalist Glenn Fleishman interviewed her on May 5, 2015, at Ada's Technical Books and Café in Seattle about her about robots, AI, and the singularity — and how unlikely it is — and how it fits into her speculative fiction. They also talked about use of science fiction in strategic foresight, why stories make good prototypes, and hit on the controversy surrounding the Hugo Awards nomination process.

Spilled Milk

I recently pinch-hit to write an issue of a favorite email newsletter, Hot Pod by Nick Quah. I discovered it a few months ago, and it is like ambrosia to those like me who want more insight into the broad podcast "industry," especially the parts I don't know in public radio. Nick just got a new job and was going to take this week off, so I offered to write an issue, which you can read here.

For the issue, I decided to interview Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg, who co-host the weekly podcast Spilled Milk. They're fellow Seattleites, and Matthew consulted me for advice on equipment and editing before starting the show, and I gave him what little wisdom I had at that point. Now I often consult him, instead.

I gave them a jingle on a day they were recording three episodes of the show to talk about how the podcast fits into their workflow and careers as food and book writers. Spilled Milk has thousands of listeners, not tens of thousands, and it's carved out a good space for Molly and Matthew.

Katie Mack, Astrophysicist

Glenn Fleishman, a Seattle-based technology reporter for the Economist and elsewhere, interviewed Dr. Katie Mack, a dark-matter researcher, in front of a live audience in Seattle at Ada's Technical Books and Café on January 13, 2015, about dark matter and energy, black holes, exoplanets, life in the universe, and much more. The first half of the podcast is an interview; the second, questions from the live audience and via a live audio stream.

The Seattle Science & Tech Podcast


Hello! This is a modest effort by yours truly, Glenn Fleishman, to create an occasional series of science and technology oriented podcasts anchored in Seattle. I'll talk to people passing through town as well as locals about space, medicine, space medicine, physics, industrial design, manufacturing and more.

Ada's Technical Books & Café has been the gracious host for the live event part. Each event has a live audience and Q&A, is livestreaming over the Internet, and recorded to be posted as a podcast.

If you might be a good guest or know something, please get in touch with Glenn!